Best Elevator Shoe Brands for UK Men

Best Elevator Shoe Brands for UK Men

If you want to add a few inches to your height, there is one blindingly simple solution: wear taller shoes. You can pick heeled boots, or, if you like the big brands, you can pick trainers with a natural lift (see this article I wrote on that).

The more radical approach is to use elevator shoes - otherwise known as lifts - which have a 'secret' raised insole that can add up to five inches in some cases. Elevator shoes are common. In fact, it's said that many Hollywood stars use them (this isn't a gossip column, so you can do your own digging there).

However, there is still a bit of unfair stigma around height-increasing footwear, and it's not that easy to find a full range of brands on the UK market. I wanted to fix that with the list below.

Note: this is a list of brands with some useful information. I can't try on every shoe, so the 'best' part is subjective. As with all fashion, if you like it, that one's the best. Also, Ruler of London don't make elevator shoes ourselves. We only make clothes for shorter men.

The Best Elevator Shoe Brands in the UK


    Chamaripa Logo

    A US brand founded in 1996, Chamaripa really trade off their quality. You can find the whole list of benefits here, but in essence they focus on quality leather and getting the shape of the shoes just right (obviously a key issue with the hidden lift). They do charge a premium price to match, however they have a vast number of styles from dress shoes to slides. 

    • Models: 483
    • Pricing: £50 - £1450 (most in the £100 - £200 range)
    • UK Shipping: Free (although varies by purchase)



    BeHeight Logo

    A UK brand based in Lancaster. Smart website with loads of information and free shipping with Royal Mail. Relatively few options, however they cover the whole range of trainers to smarter shoes. They're also priced very reasonably.

    • Models: 20
    • Pricing: £50 - £90 
    • UK Shipping: Free


    Mario Bertulli

    mario bertulli logo

    With an Italian name, a 50+ year history, and a showroom in Monaco, you'd expect Mario Bertulli shoes to be pretty special. And, to be honest, they look top-notch. These understated sneakers caught my eye, but they nail most styles, even if they are a little pricey. Other negative: the shipping costs to the UK. 

    • Models: 171
    • Pricing: £50 - £250 
    • UK Shipping: €20


    Shoes That Make You Taller

    Shoes that make you taller logo

    Ok so the name is a bit on the nose... but at least you know what they do. STMYT are a US-based company with a wide range of elevator shoes, including boots, dress shoes, and trainers. I particularly liked the look of these Doc Marten inspired boots. Most of the models have a choice of lift from 2 inches to 4 inches. They're also reasonably priced, and available with free shipping to the UK.

    • Models: 307
    • Pricing: £60 - £120
    • UK Shipping: Free



    tall men shoes logo

    Another US brand that really does not beat around the bush. These are shoes. That make you tall. And there are a lot of them. They're also a bit more affordable than Chamaripa in general. However, there are some little grievances, such as prices being displayed in dollars, and UK shipping costs - it definitely feels like more of an American site selling in the UK.

    • Models: 461
    • Pricing: £50 - £200 
    • UK Shipping: Free for orders above £120

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    That's the list as it stands, but let me know if I've missed any!

    Jack, Founder of Ruler of London

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