how to measure your chest size

How to Measure Your Chest Size

Measuring your chest is simple, but it's crucial in order to find clothes that fit. Most clothing brands set their sizes according to your chest, and it's the single most important measurement for shirts. Every man should know their chest size. You can ask someone to help you out, but it's totally achievable on your own. Here's our step-by-step guide. 

How to Measure Your Chest

1. You'll need a tape measure, the soft tailoring kind. They cost under £5. You can find a selection of them here on Amazon.

2. Stand in front of a mirror.

3. Wrap the tape measure around your chest. It should be just under your armpits, around the widest part of your chest. Stand naturally - don't puff your chest out.

4. Take the measurement at the point the two ends overlap. In the UK and US, chest sizes are usually given in inches. For European, cemtimetres are more common.

5. Take a couple of measurements to make sure you're accurate.

6. Use your new-found chest measurement to pick the right fit in clothes. If you're between sizes, it's a judgement call - go a size up for more comfort, and a size down for a tighter 'muscle' fit.

That's it! Very simple, but extremely important to find the right fit.

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