The Best Clothes for Short and Fat Men

The Best Clothes for Short and Fat Men

Finding clothes that fit as a man under 5'10 can be difficult. However, it's especially difficult if you're stocky, as the dimensions of standard sizes can be significantly off. Sleeves are often too long. T-shirts drape way down past the waist. And there's one very good reason for that.

Clothes sizes abide by a certain set of rules. For every size you go up (let's say, from XL to XXL), each measurement increases by a set amount. This is known as 'grading'. It varies by manufacturer, but generally for every increase in size you would add 3cm in length, 3cm for the chest, and 1cm for short sleeves. 

 How clothing sizes work (size grading)

This has major implications if you're short and carrying some weight around the middle. You want more width in the torso, but don't want the extra length or the longer sleeves. Ultimately this is what causes the baggy look, which isn't at all flattering. So what's the answer?

Buy clothes made especially for short, stocky men

At Ruler of London, we deliberately cut our garments shorter to fit men under 5'10. However we also stock XXL sizes, which are much more flattering for men who are on the short and stocky side.

Lightweight Polo in XXL Classic T-shirt in XXL Organic Sweatshirt in XXL


We're not the only brand offering shorter sizes. If Ruler isn't to your taste, have a look at some of the other options on our blog post about best UK clothing brands for short men.

Be selective with the clothes you wear

There are a number of techniques you can apply, such as wearing trousers with a slight taper, and sticking with solid colours. There's a great (and much more comprehensive) article from The Modest Man on these techniques, which you can find here.

Use a tailor or get custom clothes

Using a tailor is the time-honoured method for getting clothes that fit if you're not happy with regular sizes. Of course, some garments are easier than others to tailor (trousers are easy, coats are harder because of the pockets). But a good tailor should be able to help you find a fit that works.

Another option is to use a custom clothing company such as Son of a Tailor. Again, this made-to-measure method will guarantee you get the right fit for your body shape. Of course, any custom garment does come with a price tag to match.


Hope that was some helpful information, and good luck with the search.

Jack, Founder of Ruler of London

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