How do we make garments fit for men under 5'10?

The first stage is in the design. Our garments are cut a few centimetres shorter to ensure they don't bunch up around the waist or ankles. There's a bit of science to this. For instance, a man's torso is around 40% of his height. So, for every centimetre less in height, around 4mm should be removed from the length of a garment. 

Of course, most people aren't made under lab conditions, and the second stage involves a fitting session with a model. This is where we tweak the design, depending on whether we want a looser or tighter fit.

Finally, it comes down to the quality of material. Cheap fabrics stretch, twist, wear out, lose their colour, and shrink more in the wash. We use high-quality fabrics like Supima and Organic cotton. You'll notice the difference on day one, but this also keeps the garments looking better for longer.