What is Supima Cotton?

Supima is a high quality cotton primarily grown in the USA. It has extra long fibres, which make it stronger, softer, and more vibrant when dye is added. Basically, it's the best cotton out there for clothing, and you'll be able to tell the difference.

There are three main types of cotton. Upland cotton is the most common variety, which 90% of garments use. It's perfectly fine for ordinary clothing, but will start to crumple and fade more quickly.

The other two varieties are known as 'long-staple' cotton. The cotton plant is a small fuzzball of fibres, and long-staple just means that the fibres are longer. 

One of these varieties is Egyptian cotton, which most people have heard of, and which is generally used for high-end bedsheets. As the name suggests, it's grown in the Nile valley in Egypt. Then there's Pima cotton, which is grown predominantly in the USA. Supima is the marketing brand for US Pima cotton, and is a blend of the words 'Superior' and 'Pima'.

Anyway, that's enough facts. All you need to know is that Supima cotton is the king of cotton, and that's why we pick it.