Clothes Steamer vs Iron

Clothes Steamer vs Iron

No matter what you're wearing, a creased or crumpled outfit can ruin the look. As someone who runs a clothing business, I've had to get the creases out of hundred of garments, for taking photos, or processing returns. But which is better, an iron, or a steamer? 

Well actually it's simple. In the majority of cases, a steamer is a much better option (unless you want to press creases into trousers). I used to iron, but it's slow, and difficult, and you have to buy and store an ironing board somehow. And then you go on holiday. A steamer solves all those problems.

steamer vs iron

Steamer vs Iron: which is cheaper?

Steamer wins here. They're about £30-£50 on Amazon. That's about the same as a cheap iron, but irons are nothing without their boards... and that's another £30+.

Steamer vs Iron: which is easier?

Steamer wins. It's so much quicker than constantly rearranging a garment on an ironing board - just stick it on a hanger and get steaming. Also there's very little technique to it. Basically just touch the nozzle to the clothing, and the creases fall out.

Steamer vs Iron: which is more portable?

Steamer. No contest. You can take it in your bag on holiday, and it fits in your bedside table. 

Steamer vs Iron: which gives better results?

A draw. You can get a really crisp look with an iron, and it's really the only way to get creases into trousers. But, honestly, for most people a steamer is equally as good. Also it's a bit less scary with fragile fabrics, when an iron could do a bit of damage.

Steamer vs Iron: which is better overall?

Steamer. Definitely steamer.

And are upright clothes steamers worth it?

No. They're just very large and cumbersome and expensive, and the results are the same. I bought one and sent it back. Stick with the handheld version.

That's it, hope that was useful.

Jack, Founder of Ruler of London

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