how to steam clothes

How to Steam Clothes with a Handheld Steamer

If you want to get the creases out of your clothes, especially after packing them in a suitcase, a clothes steamer is a must. The handheld versions are portable, cheap, and much better than an iron.

They work on almost anything, including shirts and dresses. In fact, if you want to get even simple garments - like a t-shirt - looking sharp, I'd highly advise taking a minute to give them a steam when you get them out of the cupboard in the morning.

steaming clothes

Using a clothes steamer is very easy. But if you're unsure how to do it, you can watch the short video below:


How to use a clothes steamer

  1. Hang the garment up (on the back of a door is a good spot)
  2. Make sure the steamer is full and hot enough to release steam
  3. Hold the garment at the bottom and stretch slightly
  4. Touch the mouth of the steamer to the garment
  5. Make sweeps and cover the entire garment until free of wrinkles

There isn't much more to it than that! 

Jack, Founder of Ruler of London

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