What makes good quality clothing?

There’s no secret: it takes the best materials, and the best manufacturers.

I’ll give you an example. Most of the T-shirts you have in your wardrobe will be made of cotton. Basic cotton, from any old field. That’s because not all cotton is created equal. We’ve made a choice to use Supima cotton, a special variety grown in California, which has longer fibres than the average cotton plant. It is super soft (and has lots of other qualities, if you’re interested). And I know you love those old t-shirts, but seriously, Supima is an upgrade.

Next comes the manufacturer. There’s a huge range of factories out there, and some don’t care about quality. Some really, really do. One of our main manufacturers is based in Leicester, in the UK. They supply lots of high-end brands, and are still run by the same family who founded the company in the 1970s. It’s little things that produce good quality - a few extra stitches, better quality control. Above all, it’s the pride in producing the best garment you can.